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33+ Simple Bullet Journal Ideas to Simplify your Daily Activity

Bullet Journal Ideas – You must have your own goals. They can be easily achieved if you write them in a journal. Because the journal will always keep you on the track. That means you only focus on what’s important in your life.

If you are interested, let’s read in this amazing bullet journal. Some people might find the analogue system old, especially in this digital era. However, this is truly functional. Unlike the electronic journals, the conventional ones are more interesting.

You can experiment with paper and pens. They clearly make your juice juicy flow. For those of you who do daily chores, keeping a journal is also a must. Not only are you more productive but also enthusiastic.

Because everything is carefully planned, you will also live free from chaos. Knowing all the benefits of having a journal, it is time to start writing one.

Key Bullet Journal Ideas

Ide Kunci Jurnal Peluru

Before jumping into bullet journal ideas, make sure you develop a secret formula. For example, you can use weather symbols, cute icons, and various styles. Each code has a specific meaning. The more detailed they are, the better your journal will be.

You can choose a color code like a weather icon, or whatever icon is possible. Here are some key ideas that you can rely on to start having your own bullet journal.

Combine Everything Above in the Key to Your Bullet Journal

Gunakan Kombinasi Semua Yang Di Atas Dalam Kunci Jurnal Bullet Anda

If you are new in organizational system, the icons hardly come to your mind. Do not get overwhelmed. Because there is no rigid rule. Of course, you are able to combine the basic formats. They won’t lead you to complicated road.

Just a tip, write the codes that are easy to understand. After all, the journal is yours. This is the reason why you shouldn’t deal with the unwanted difficulties. Even the simplest journal still works for you.

Tape Your Own Bullet Journal Key to the Edge of a Page

Rekam Kunci Jurnal Bullet Anda Ke Tepi Halaman

Bullet Journal Doodle Inspiration: Headers, Banners, and More

Inspirasi Doodle Bullet Journal: Header, Spanduk, dan Lainnya

By taping the journal page’s edge, you can save your time. It results in practicality as well. You find the important notes in your book without hassle. Want a visually appealing journal? Decorate it in your favorite colors.

Jurnal Perencana Doodles Bullet

For a bill journal, put the financial goals, house projects, health, food, and travel in it. Fill the travel section with a list of must-go cities and countries.

We promise you will be so excited in making your travel dreams come true. To get the right instructions, watch the Boho Berry’s videos on Instagram.

Daily Layout Ideas for Your Bullet Journal

One of the significant elements in bullet journal ideas is layout. It enables you to prioritize your daily plans. Not only that, it serves as the design for your monthly or yearly goals. The doodle-inspired notes are great things you can consider.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Ide Halaman Jurnal Bullet

When it comes to the bullet journal ideas, there are tons of concepts. On this occasion, we will specifically talk about the stunning ones. After reading our article, you must want to have yours right away. Be ready as your life will be super amazing.

1. Meal Planning Ideas

Ide Perencanaan Makan

Whether you live alone or with your family members, planning the meals is truly paramount. It aims to implement the healthy lifestyle.

First thing first, you can write down your weekly grocery shopping list. Then, you need to create the menus of certain ingredients.

The dinners from Monday to Sunday are based on the menus. Make it eye-catching so it gives you motivation before cooking in the kitchen.

If you are clueless, just imitate this journal. As the result, your supper preparation will be fun and far from boring.

2. Birthday Page Layout

Tata Letak Halaman Ulang Tahun

Facebook is a good birthday reminder. But we still opt for the old-school method. The bullet journal allows you to know the birthdays of your friends and relatives. It is incredibly helpful because they probably do not have Facebook accounts.

You can be well prepared for the upcoming birthday party. Do not forget to include the pointer as it provides you the exact dates. The celebrations such as Mother’s Day, Independence Day and Father’s Day must not be forgotten too. Finally, keep your journal from looking bland by coloring it.

3. TV Show Bullet Journal Ideas

Ide Acara TV Bullet Journal

If you won’t miss your favorite shows, give this journal a try. Undoubtedly, it makes your weekend leisure activity more enjoyable. Just put your  TV shows on the list. After that, give the mark on the episode numbers that you already watch. So, you do not watch the same show.

This idea is simple yet supremely functional. Moreover, it takes less than an hour. With the help of TV show journal, you are always on the right track. You certainly can’t wait for the next entertaining TV shows.

4. Ideas for Self-Care Layout

Gagasan Untuk Tata Letak Perawatan Diri

After going through a stressful and bad day, all you need is “me” time. It is the act of nourishing your mind, body and soul. The journal has no time limitation. You can write the nice things in it.

As long as they give you happy vibes, go for them. You will be grateful upon your life and feel relaxed. For instances, you may like applying the DIY face mask, watching the movie at cinema, eating an ice cream, listening to music and buying a new aromatherapy candle.

Gagasan Untuk Tata Letak Perawatan Diri

The list still goes on. You could have a journal with your morning and night routines as well.

5. Cleaning Schedule Bullet Journal Ideas

Jadwal Pembersihan Gagasan Jurnal Bullet

Searching for impressive bullet journal ideas? It is the perfect answer. No matter where you live, be it apartment or house, the schedule turns your boring daily household chores into interesting things.

For the housework, you should tidy up the bedroom, wash dishes, sweep the floor and wipe the kitchen countertops. You can do the heavier tasks such as cleaning the toilet and iron your clothes on weekly basis.

While changing the bed linen and deep cleaning the bathroom are monthly tasks. With this timetable, your living space will stay clean, inviting and neat.

Jadwal Pembersihan Gagasan Jurnal Bullet

6. House Projects Page Layout

Tata Letak Halaman Proyek Rumah

Having new abode is wonderful yet overwhelming. This is the reason you must get a lot of things done. Do not worry. The journal page will show your to-do lists in a simple way.

For example, produce 30-day action plan. It gives you the guidance about your daily projects, foods, dos and don’ts.

Although it is not that aesthetic, you can rely on this supportive journal. Be sure it meets your personal budget and new house design. When one task is successfully accomplished, you can cross it off. By doing so, you won’t feel the projects exhausting.

7. Travel Ideas Layout

Ide Perjalanan Layout Bullet Journal Ideas

There are some bullet journal ideas that will bring out your inner adventurer. And this one is the best option for you who like traveling around the world. The journey journal page is filled with the lovely places and countries. It is actually like your bucket list.

When you lose hope in traveling due to the various reasons, this journal will recharge your adventurous spirits. Since the activity gives you remarkable experience, you won’t regret create the journal.

#. Travel Tracker

Pelacak Perjalanan

It also applies to the journey in your own country. Because you might not go to the all states or provinces yet.  If you traveled your dream destination, checklist it for appreciating your trip.

8. Trip Planner

Perencana Perjalanan

Will you take a trip abroad the next year? Plan your trip immediately by producing the journal. Unlike the previous one, it is more detailed. When you travel internationally, you can create a list of must-do things.

For instance, if you visit London for a couple of days, do not miss the chance to go to Hyde Park, British Museum, Borough Market and King’s Cross. Obviously, you must look for the informations about the city first.

Even though the journal is quite basic, it helps you stroll around the London in a fun way.

9. Packing List

Daftar kemasan

You already have itinerary and activity schedule. It is incomplete though. To make you more ready for a long journey, you must rely on packing journal.

It offers you the items that are truly vital during your trip. You can start with the clothes. Investigate the destination’s season, so you won’t wear the wrong ones.

Then, move to the toiletries. Since not all the hostels and hotels provide you the stuffs like you want. Medication is important as well. In addition to that, you have to manage your resting time.

Just put those useful things in certain categories. Once the packing list is crafted, you are able to reuse it for another journey.

10. Memories Log


In the era of advanced technology, note-taking apps are popular and widely downloaded. However, you can bring the sweet nostalgia back with the journey log.

Just write your budget, places, and cool things in the vacation destination. You can also make a research about the food, flight, transportation, and lodging.

This paper document may be uninteresting at first. But for a few years ahead, you will be thankful for having the journal. It tells your travel stories on just one page. Whenever the post-vacation blues kick in, read it again.

If you want to go an extra mile, frame and hang it on the wall. Then, enjoy browsing it at any time.

11. Spending Log

Log Pengeluaran

Talking of bullet journal ideas, your monthly spending should be put into calculation as well. With this stuff, you will exactly know about your expenditure. You might spend the money on Easter celebration, vacation, shoes, and books.

By having this log, you won’t deal with the huge loans. It also teaches you about investing the money instead of spending all your wage. You can get the fruitful result when your money is wisely managed.

So, it motivates you to be more responsible spender and smart investor at the same time.

12. Bill Tracker

Pelacak Tagihan

Even though it is out-dated system, this bill journal truly tracks your payments month after month. You can fill it with the electricity, car, water, and direct TV sections.

If you pay greater amount of money this month, there must be a problem. So, you need to investigate and overcome it immediately.

Despite the auto-pay service gives you ease and practicality in payment, you are unable to analyze the patterns. The advantage of creating the bill tracker is you can use the energy more efficiently. Not only that, it keeps your costs under control.

13. Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker bullet journal ideas

Whether you do workout at home or gym, this journal is worth to try. The target is in your hands. For example, you can start with the abs challenge. The numbers of leg raise, crunch, and plank depend on your strength. Make certain, the exercise gets harder day by day.

The clear objectives also urge you to be liable and focused in reaching your body goal. We guarantee you will be so proud of yourself when the 30-days fitness regimen gets completely done. Say hello to the brand new you.

14. Movies to Watch

Movies To Watch

If your hobby is watching the movie, why you don’t go for this chic journal? It is like the page of TV show. The difference lies on the its list. Put the movies that will be released the next year into it. You can watch them with your family or friends at the cinema.

Just for the tips, divide the list into some genres such as superhero, romantic, horror, and action. However, you could also choose the movies from the past few years. So, you just need to download the movies and enjoy them at home.

15. Books to Read

Books To Read

Speaking of bullet journal ideas, it won’t be complete without introducing this one. It calls all the book geeks for sure. As conventional as it sounds, the physical reminder is the most effective way to motivates you in reading new books.

Because you crafted the gorgeous journal that is hard to overlook.

As you can see, there are fiction and non-fiction books on the list. When you have free time, indulge yourself in a book on cozy reading nook. Cross off the book’s title that you already read. You obviously can’t wait for the other wonderful books.

16. Wish List & Gift Ideas

Wish List & Gift Ideas

For certain, there is a wide option of birthday presents. Without writing the gifts on the list, you cannot give the best ones for birthday bashes of your friends. The journal allows you to be more thoughtful as well. So, you will shop the stuffs in the right time portion.

Are you tight on budget? No worries. This journal also includes the excellent handmade presents too that will dazzle your beloved ones. You only need to get the materials from the local craft stores.

They are special, meaningful, and extraordinary. And the journal makes you more ready for the big days.

17. Show Binging

Show Binging

Some of you probably like watching the binges. This journal is perfect for you then. Best of all, it is simple and not time-consuming project. You just fill it up with your favorite binges.

After that, draw the total series on each of the shows in the journal. It clearly aids you examine the episodes you have watched. Color them in attractive shades.

So, you won’t miss the others. It is such smart tracker for the binge lovers out there. We promise you remain in your binge series. Even you will love spending several hours for those.

18. Task Completing

Task Completing

In terms of bullet journal ideas, it is a must for everyone. The students can utilize it for their homework. Housewife might use the task tracker to know what the household chores she hasn’t done yet. And it helps the workers manage their time in tackling all the tasks at the workplace.

Make a list of your daily objectives. It will be much more attractive if you provide the layout with day’s climate too.

You might think about delaying the activities due to the bad weather. Do those tasks on the next day. For cool instructions, check out @southerdaisybybh’s Instagram posts.

19. Quote Page

Quotes Page Bullet Journal Ideas

Sometimes, you give up easily in turning your ambitious goals into reality. With the motivational quotes, you will keep moving forward. And you never get lost along your way.

Read your favorite quotes before starting the day and going to the bed. You can browse the inspirational quotes from the celebrities, book writers, artists, friends, and family members.

Do not hesitate to include your own quotes. Whenever you find your dream road uneasy, read them. And believe that you can make it happen. Be certain you create the most exquisite page.

20. Plan Your Adventure Bullet Journal Page

Plan Your Adventure Bullet Journal Page

Do you know that planning a trip is supremely exciting? In the bullet journal ideas, it becomes the favorite of world travelers and backpackers. It should cover the accommodation, public transportation, flights, and places to go.

By producing it, you can start saving your money for your trip. To keep you stay motivated on your fun journey, you can decorate yours with the doodles, maps, and icons.

They turn the boring page into pleasant one. Write the useful informations on it. So, your journal is innovative and informative at the same time.

21. Full Page Monthly Layout Illustration

Full Page Monthly Layout Llustration

This is one of outstanding bullet journal ideas for an artistic soul. Just look at the illustration! It does not look plain. From one month to the another, it features various drawings.

For September, you can see blooming flowers. While the following months, there are cute animal and food-themed doodles.

The unique layout doubles as page divider. To catch the eye, you could color it in bright hues. Then, the contents in the format are birthday celebrations, public holidays, monthly goals, family agendas and religious events. Who say no to the charming reminder like this?

22. Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Everybody has their own new year resolutions, so do you. You can stay inspired and focused on your goals with the help of journal. All you need are a paper sheet and drawing pens. Put your creativity into it. We bet you love reading it again and again.

If you have no clue where to start, just watch the emschwartzrdn’s suggestion. Basically, it displays your objectives in the health, finance, travel, and social sections.

It does not have to be complicated. Using simple simbols are okay. Just write them in capital letters for clearer messages.

23. Song Listening

Song Listening

Do you like listening to music? This activity gives you so much benefits such as lower the depression, strengthen memory, and enhance your mood. We know you have your favorite playlist.

However, remembering the singers and titles of the songs is quite hard. And this bullet journal ideas will make a big difference.

You simply have to write the songs that help get out of your negative thoughts. When the life puts you down, the songs cheer you up.

You can hear them on a special purpose or anytime. Although the journal is not fancy in appearance, it magically works for you.

24. Home Projecting

Home Projecting

Thinking about home improvement? Well, this style is the winner among bullet journal ideas. You will be able to track the projects of your home easily. It is simple yet cute. Thanks to the home-inspired layout. Draw and color each of the rooms using different color pen.

When done, fill them up with to-do lists. For example, you must paint the kid chairs and clean out the toys in game room. While in the kitchen, you may focus on reorganizing the upper cabinets.

To upgrade your home’s exterior, grow beautiful flowers and build a sandbox. The whole project is fun and rewarding.

25. Important Date Remembering

Important Date Remembering

Make the people around you feel special by remembering their dates. Romance your spouse by giving her/him a gift in anniversary. You also can include celebrations, holidays, and birthdays from January to December in your journal. So, you won’t save the wrong dates.

The another benefit is maintaining strong relationship with them. Furthermore, you have an extra time for seting up a small party, shopping, and wrapping the gifts. Talking about the bullet jounal ideas, it is such nice option with the touch of colorful circles.


In short, those bullet journal ideas are worth the time and effort. You will get a lot of useful information without counting on your phone. To be honest, they are more practical than the electronic notes and they help you do the daily activities. (

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